Websites of Interest

Dimensional Fund Advisors

DFA is a mutual fund company that has pioneered the implementation of academically based, cost effective investment strategies. AKM Advisory uses DFA mutual funds for a meaningful portion of its clients' assets. For more information about DFA, please see their website at

Charles Schwab & Co.

AKM Advisory uses Charles Schwab & Co. as its custodian. Charles Schwab is the leading custodian for registered investment advisors across the country and provides world-class brokerage and custodial services for AKM Advisory clients. For more information about Charles Schwab & Co., please see their Client Learning Center.

CFA Institute and CFP Board

Both the CFA and CFP® designations require adherence to their own codes of conduct. Please see the CFA Institute's Codes, Standards, and Guidelines; and the CFP Board's Standards of Professional Conduct for additional information.